Our History.

With a rich family history of mototrials dating back to
it’s earliest days in the United States, Team Sweet
carries on the family legacy.

Through the Years.


Don Rode His First Trial

Frank Thompson (seen below), the great grandfather of current team riders, introduced Don Sweet to the sport of Trials.  He was also instrumental in convincing Don’s reluctant parents to allow him to compete.  Don rode his first trial in Bennington Vermont at the age of 13, and “DNF’d” (Did Not Finish).


Frank Shares His Passion

Don began riding as often as he could.  He and his best friend Len Thompson (his future brother in law) both rode Ossa Plonkers and began competing in more regional events throughout New England.


New England Was Ossa Country

New England riders began modifying their Ossa plonkers, in an effort to make them more capable trials machines.  Out west, Bultaco and Montesa were the bikes of choice.  That same year, Mick Andrews came to the trials school to debut the Ossa prototype that would later become the Ossa Mick Andrews Replica.


Don Receives His First Sponsorship

John Taylor of Yankee Motors, the Ossa Importer, became Don’s first sponsor.  Don rode a MAR (Mick Andrews Replica), and placed fourth in the first MOTA National (Michigan Ontario Trials Association).  Due to John’s gracious generosity and belief in Don’s potential, Don was able to travel to the 1972 El Trial De Espana and the Scottish 6 Day trail.  Don was only 15, and wasn’t old enough to compete, but the experience had a enormous impact.


Don Rides for Bill Stewart at Yamaha

One evening, Don was contacted by his soon to be boss Bill Stewart, the designer of the TY250A.  Bill was a previous national champion, winning the MOTA National Trials Championship.  Don was sponsored by Yamaha, and they worked out the final details of their arrangement while attending the 1st US 6 Day hosted in Dalton, MA.


First AMA Sanctioned US Nationals

Only 5 years after riding his first event, Don rode professionally for Yamaha and placed 3rd in the first ever AMA sanctioned US National Trials series.


Chasing the #1 Plate

One year after his debut on the podium in the first ever US National Trials series, Don placed 2nd, only edged out by the late great Marland Whaley.



Focus on Family

After 4 years of professional riding and consistent podium finishes, Don took time off to focus on family, with the birth of his first daughter (Jennifer).


Only Bernie to Beat

After his break, and the birth of his second daughter (Lisa), Don was right back to the top.  Back just 2 years, Don was only beat by the great Bernie Schreiber (the only American to ever win the FIM World Trials Championship), ultimately placing 2nd in the 1983 US Trials National Championship.


Right Behind Ryan

Don finished out his final year of US National Championship competition with a 3rd place finish, right behind the then up and coming Ryan Young (6 time consecutive US National Trials Champion).


New England Needed Him

Don continued to ride in the top level NETA class, finishing as New England Champion 13 consecutive years.


The Next Generation

Don’s first grandchild (Titus Kliza) was born on May 30th, 2005.  It wouldn’t be long after Titus could walk that Don had him on a motorcycle.  Titus would attend his first trial when only a few months old (seen below), while Don was minding for Cody Webb in High Gate, VT.


NoStop for Nehemiah

Two years later, Don would be blessed with a second grandson (Nehemiah Kliza) on June 17th, 2007.  Like his older brother, Nehemiah quickly took to riding.  The competition was on!


Gabe Gets After It

The third grandson would be born on January 3rd, 2011.  With two older brothers to catch up to, Gabe had no time to waste and benefited from the newly established routines and fun competition.


NETA Welcomes Youth

The Kliza boys began riding local, NETA events, and quickly moved out of the youth classes to ride with the “big boys”.  A welcome sight for many long time riders, encouraged by the younger generation excited about the sport they love.


Tennessee Welcomes the 3

The Kliza family packed up and headed to Tennessee for to compete in their first ever Youth National Championship series.  All three brothers finished on the podium in their respective classes.  They came away more excited and motivated to ride than ever before.


Collecting #1 Plates Begins

All three brothers competed in the 2019 Youth National Championship, riding in their top line (Champion Line) for their age – with the exception of Gabe.  Gabe decided to ride an age class above, and ended the first two days with clean cards.  The final day, Gabe only dropped 3 points and rode to victory as the #1 rider in the Youth 9 & Under Class.



COVID Couldn’t Compete

It wasn’t the year that anyone expected, but we were blessed in so many ways and grateful to have been able to navigate the difficult year together with our family.  With only a handful of trials events being held throughout New England, and rapidly changing guidance/COVID-19 protocols to adhere to, the Kliza boys were thankful to participate in all of the great events they were able to, providing them with even greater appreciation for the folks who organize, check and make events possible.


We’re Still on the Go

We’ve still got a few events left for the year before we go into snow mode training in upstate NY 🙂